STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Ghostbusters Paralleled Like D&D In Season One?

The folks over at the Yes Have Some Podcast came up with a theory that will definitely give fans of Stranger Things a light bulb moment. People went ballistic over the kids of the Netflix show wearing the iconic Ghostbusters costumes in the teaser trailer which debuted during the Super Bowl and now it was brought to the attention of podcast listeners that there could be a reason for this.

Courtesy of The Art of John Yurcaba , check out this amazing Stranger Things 2 art!

Posted by Yes Have Some Podcast on Friday, February 10, 2017

Remember how the kids were playing Dungeons and Dragons and referred to their fictional encounter on their adventure as the Demogorgon? Apparently, it was some kind of learning tool for them to figure out what was going on with their real life “upside-down” beast in Hawkins, Indiana. Drawing parallels.

Well the Yes Have Some Podcast was of the mind that season 2 of Stranger Things could be going the same route, but with a Ghostbusters theme/parallel instead. It makes sense because although you see them in costume outside, you also see them in action on their bikes still wearing the costumes.

Posted by Christopher Beaumont on Friday, February 3, 2017

So would you not think that they’ll be bringing on the Gozer references? Will the Demogorgon be the new Gozer?

To further solidify this theory, the Yes Have Some Podcast reached out to Ghost Corps which is a production company announced in Variety to provide branding opportunities for the purpose of bringing about a Ghostbusters universe. It was set up by Sony.

“We’ve been working with the producers of Strangers Things for months.”

Months? That’s quite a long time. Of course, there’s certainly an approval process with Sony to use the logos in order to make sure things are all square when being utilized on other shows. Stranger Things┬ábeing one of them. Ghost Corps then takes it from there.

The Ghost Corps spokesperson, Eric, mentioned that the creator of the Netflix series found it very important that the Ghostbusters costumes were accurate for what was available in 1984.

These costumes weren’t manufactured until 1987 for store-bought purposes. So it would seem the kids may have made their own costumes in Stranger Things.

It also speaks volumes the amount of time, in months, that they’ve been working with the creators. Could this amount of time indicate even bigger things?

Source: Yes Have Some Podcast

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