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Mel Gibson Confirms SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Directing Talks

Warner Bros have made it common knowledge that there was going to be sequel to Suicide Squad, even prior to the release of the first film. But since the director of the first film, David Ayer, has been slated to direct the upcoming ‘Gotham City Sirens’, the question of who was to direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’ remained open.

Well now we’ve got an idea of a potential director for the film, with Mel Gibson confirming that he is currently undergoing early talks with Warner Brothers for the role.

Now, this is no confirmation that Gibson’s definitely got the job. But if ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is any indication, Mel Gibson definitely still has strong directing capabilities, and he would be a solid director to add to Warner Brother’s strong range of DCEU directors.

During a recent Q & A, Gibson was asked if it was getting close to a deal or if it was a first date, and he responded:

“It’s kind of a first date.”

However, no matter what talent they get behind the camera, Warner Brother really needs to understand their directors, and work in tandem with their strengths whilst avoiding their weaknesses. Because no matter how talented the director is, if the studio does not understand them or work well with them, then the film really does not have a chance.

Whether it’s giving Zack Snyder too much creative control, a director known for favouring visuals over characters and story, or giving a director like David Ayer barely any influence over the final product, and only giving him six weeks to write the screenplay. Or even how the Flash is on its third director and is getting a page one rewrite from a Phil Lord and Chris Miller script.

I do like Mel Gibson as a director, but that really does mean nothing if Warner Brother learn to work with the skills of their creative teams, rather than against them. Hopefully with Wonder Woman, this will take a turn for the better.

What do you think of the choice for Suicide Squad 2? Be sure to sound off below!

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