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Rumor: Director Matt Reeves Has ‘HEAVY’ Say In THE BATMAN Casting; Multiple Movie Contract

Rumors regarding The Batman flick are running rampant. Fan concerns about Ben Affleck leaving the role are running rampant on social media.

Director Matt Reeves was reported earlier to be in talks to direct the DC Comics movie and now comes another rumor regarding The Batman that Reeves will have “HEAVY” say in the casting. There’s also suppose to be a contract for multiple movies that could extend beyond the year 2020.

Financial situations would still need to be sorted out via Reeves legal team.

The Batman rumor was posted by DCLeaks_Throwaway on Reddit and his take on all this:

“I do have some news on The Batman. As I’m sure you’ve read, WB has extended an offer to Matt Reeves to direct The Batman. For whatever reason, a lot of sources are claiming he’s accepted. That, as far as I can tell, is not true.

My firm will actually be doing the press release when the contract is finalized and thus far, we have not been given the go ahead to print it. I expect you will see it within the next few days (everything I hear says the deal is imminent).

Now, for a lot of you, that’s not really news. It’s purely semantics. However, I do have some juicy details for you to chew on. Apparently, the contract is for multiple movies and also is going to give Reeves HEAVY say in casting. Reeves legal team is just tying together loose ends on money (as the contract could extend well beyond 2020, pending DC’s movie slate).

Reading between the lines, there are some take aways on this: A.) Affleck is comfortable signing off on Reeves for The Batman AND multiple movies and B.) Reeves feels he either 1.) has a commitment from Affleck to do multiple movies or 2.) has a new Batman already in place (unlikely that he would sign on for several pictures as a director, if the most important character wasn’t signed on already). Giving him power over casting would seem to solidify this.”

The latter of which could mean Reeves would not have signed on for multiple flicks without having a heavily popular character already signed up as well. If he’s going to be receiving casting power, this could very well solidify the aforementioned.

What do you think of these alleged leaks? Be sure to sound off in the comment section below!

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