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THE ROCK Calls CM Punk on RAW After Show Segment; Gets Major Heat Backstage

If you haven’t heard by now, The Rock was at the Staples Centre last night in which he appeared in front of a live crowd before and after the taping of Monday Night Raw. It was purely for business, however, as he was filming a scene for an upcoming movie which he’s currently producing and starring in that centers around the life of WWE Superstar, Paige. Titled ‘Fighting with my Family,’ the scene revolved around Paige winning the WWE Divas title from AJ Lee, who as you all know, is CM Punk’s wife.

Deciding to have some fun with the crowd, Dwayne Johnson decided to call Punk after numerous chants from all those in attendance however it wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately Punk didn’t answer and Johnson was left with the only other alternative of leaving a voicemail. Punk even responded to the call on Twitter:

With numerous videos having been recorded, many of which have since gone viral, it seems that all’s not well when it comes to WWE management.

It’s now being reported by that Vince McMahon and Triple H were not impressed with Johnson’s antics, which is not surprising considering how bitter the break up was between Punk and WWE.

With rumours currently circulating the web that the in-ring segment had gotten people’s attention backstage, Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer Radio has stated that Vince McMahon may have sent out a referee to stop the whole debacle from going any further. You can watch the video down below where The Rock apparently suffers some mic problems … or could that have been some of Vince McMahon’s handiwork? Who knows?

Would you like to see Punk back in the WWE? Will you be watching Fighting With My Family? Or would you rather see The Rock in something else? Sound off down below!


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