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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nickelback Engage In Twitter Battle

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a presence of America, both in the world of cinema and politics. While he’s had topsy-turvy moments in both sides, there’s no denying his infamous accent, build and good humor has lead him to still leave an impression for pop culture everywhere.

Schwarzenegger has made his growth worth something though, an influential image in fact. Battling for environment health, becoming part of Celebrity Apprentice, and with one of his most recent videos passed along Facebook, using his experience in politics in taking down government corruption and giving the voice back to the people.

Arnold has been spreading a video educating on the term of “gerrymandering” and advocating against Congress control over manipulating their power and district lines. In a half-humored fashion, he compared the stakes being worse than “herpes & Nickelback


In the world of the internet, we already know everyone was to see this message publicly somewhere, especially the insulted band itself. Nickelback has gained a notorious reputation as being on the shit list of Rolling Stone and even the U.S. Military. Needless to say, the band is known for being the butt of jokes regarding generic quality.

The question was how they would exactly respond. That answer didn’t take long, as the official Nickelback Twitter page did in fact respond with a direct reference to Arnold’s infamous role in the critically-panned Batman & Robin:

There mere mention of the infamous staple in Batman film history did bring back a humor we’ve all missed. That’s right, Arnold responded with a familiar and very “chilled” response to the group’s tweet, speaking:

Nickelback’s account then responded back in approval:

Seems unlike Bird Boy, things did manage to “stay cool” between them.

Source: Twitter

Who do you think won this one? Arnie or Nickelback? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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