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Harrison Ford’s Close Call Flight Footage Revealed

Folks over at the Orange County John Wayne Airport released the footage of Harrison Ford’s close call to a taxiing airliner. There are three takes from different locations overlooking the tarmac.

Ford was flying a yellow Aviat Husky private plane at the time.

The flight he came close to was American Airlines Flight 1546. It had 110 passengers and there was no delay due to the incident. They were able to leave for Dallas on time.

FAA has launched an investigation as it was Harrison that went in for a landing on a taxiway and not the correct runway. He proceeded to ask air traffic control this question:

Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?”

This wasn’t the only incident as Harrison Ford had a situation involving his World War II-era PT-22 trainer plane. He had to make an emergency crash landing at the Penmar Golf Course.

Check out the video below:

Though he plays the awesome pilot of the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars franchise, do you think there should be consequences for his actions?

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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