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LOGAN: Will Not Feature Post-Credits Scene

A surprising new update has been revealed. It has been confirmed that there is no post-credits scene to Logan. In the past it was previously reported an extended 3-minutes, which spawned the speculated footage.

Mike Sampson, the Sr. Marketing and Promotions Director of the Alamo Drafthouse, had tweeted an extended runtime on the film last Friday.

Let the secret post-credits scene speculation begin: Fox just updated LOGAN runtime to 3 minutes longer than version screened this week.

— Mike Sampson (@mjsamps) February 17, 2017

It was Collider that reported that there would be a post-credits scene, but now they’ve just updated their website to indicate otherwise.

Update: Previously I reported that Logan would have a post-credits scene. After talking with more sources I’ve learned I was wrong in my original report. Logan does not have a post-credits scene. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. After you see Logan you’ll understand why a post-credits scene would feel out of place based on the tone of the picture.

However, after doing some digging I’ve learned I wasn’t altogether wrong about Logan having something cool for the fans. But instead of it being after the credits, maybe it’s before the movie has started…

So there may be something “cool for the fans” in the beginning that will tease us a tie-in to something else? How could you set something like that up? Maybe a flash forward? Perhaps the extra 3-minutes is up front?

Source: Collider

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