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Matt and Jeff Hardy May Be Close To Returning To WWE

Matt and Jeff Hardy are two of the biggest stars in TNA, and their presence is a significant part of the draw of Impact Wrestling. But that may soon change, as contract negotiations with the company have reportedly broken down completely.

The Hardys, who along with WWE Hall of Famer Lita were known in the company as Team Extreme, are legends in the tag team division. They spent time wrestling individually as well, but never had the success in singles competition that they did as a team. However, TNA has given them a bit more creative freedom, which has been cited by many as the primary reason they would never leave the company. The feud between the two has been the stuff of (extremely bizarre, confusing) legend. So why would they ever want to go elsewhere?

Apparently the brothers, especially Matt, were fighting for complete creative control. When TNA wasn’t inclined to indulge them, the pair’s lawyer informed the company that other promotions were interested in the team. Their response? “Well, tell them to go to WWE then.”

Ouch. Looks like TNA brass doesn’t have the sense to keep two of their biggest stars happy. Because, let’s face it – as strange as their antics have been over the last few years, they’ve been lucrative, with their backyard fireworks matches becoming internet gold.

But – and this is the big question – how would their current personas fit in with today’s WWE product? Fans would be happy to see the legendary team return home, but they’re not the characters they were when they left years ago. Their antics are bizarre and unnerving, not to mention the fact that neither of them is in the physical shape necessary for the high-flying stunts they used to pull back in the day.

And the creative freedom may be a big sticking point for them as well. We all know that Vince McMahon doesn’t relinquish control to anyone – he certainly isn’t going to do so for a pair of wellness policy violators who are far past their prime. If the Hardys weren’t willing to bend for TNA, will they reconsider for WWE?

The rumors are that WWE is very interested – and Sasha Banks even responded in a tweet about Matt Hardy:

For now, the brothers’ future is up in the air. Stay with ScreenGeek for updates on this story as they become available.

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