Netflix’s Iron Fist is on the way and although it has been thought that the street level characters have their own realm separate from the MCU, there had always been veiled references to the Battle of New York via the first Avengers movie in the Netflix series of shows.

A recent banner for Iron Fist was revealed with Danny Rand front and center.

The image is quite impressive and hopefully the show will be as well. The last Defender makes his debut on March 17.

Speaking of which, the Netflix team-up are also in the works and with the teased Easter egg of the Avengers Tower could this mean the Defenders could be crossing over into the Infinity War?

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo had already said they’ll be over 60 characters and with that high amount I wouldn’t put it past them to include these street level characters among the bunch. Like previously mentioned, references to the Battle of New York have been made in Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. The latter of which included Tony Stark’s competitor, Justin Hammer who appeared in Iron Man 2.

That being said, since the Netflix Marvel TV shows are consistent in showing these Easter eggs/teases, would it not make sense for them to appear in the MCU in some form or reference?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was asked just this very thing and his only response was, “Spoilers!” Hmmm…”

Source: IGN

What do you think of the teaser? Do you think we could see The Defenders meet The Avengers? Be sure to sound off in the comment section below!

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