THE PUNISHER: Series Announcement Teased With Daredevil’s Help

Marvel's Daredevil

With Netflix’s Iron Fist on the way, it seems as if The Punisher’s solo series has been largely forgotten in recent months especially with The Defenders also making its arrival before the end of the year. However this could all change after a mysterious image has made its way onto several social media accounts which are owned by none other than Marvel’s very own Daredevil.

The post shows a single image from Daredevil season 2 and features the CD that Frank Castle retrieved from his house with the word ‘Micro’ scrawled across. Below the image is a caption which reads:

“Tomorrow’s answers are hidden in the past.”

This tweet was also sent out:

As to what this could mean is anyone’s guess however one presumption would be a potential release date for the series although some fans are hoping for a teaser trailer of sorts. Many others have interpreted the caption as meaning we’ll be getting some sort of answers tomorrow although I wouldn’t hold your breath just yet.

As some of you may know, Ebon Moss-Bachrach was cast back in October as a character called Micro which is pretty much guaranteed to be based on the character of David Lieberman aka Micro/Microchip. A longtime ally of The Punisher whose skills range from hacker to internet expert, his role in the series is likely to be integral to the overarching plot as it’s been teased that he’ll have secrets which may be of great value to Frank.

For now however we’ll just have to sit tight and see what tomorrow may bring. Jon Bernthal’s Punisher is expected to be released before the end of the year and will contain 13 hour-long episodes, all of which will be released simultaneously.

What do you think the caption could mean? Are you excited for The Punishers return? Were you impressed with Bernthal’s performance in Daredevil season 2? Sound off down below!

Source: Twitter/Facebook

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