VENOM Spin-Off Movie Gets Official Release Date

It was recently announced that the DCEU’s Aquaman movie would be delayed from its original intended release of October 5th, 2018. However, in the midst of this announcement, Sony Pictures had one of their own. On the day that was originally intended for Aquaman, Sony will release its upcoming movie based on famous Spider-Man character, Venom.

To clear things up, this not a movie made by Marvel. Most likely as part of the agreement between the two companies in regards to the film rights of Spider-Man, Sony will be making its own film based on the alien symbiote. Because of this, it is highly unlikely the film will have any ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Supposedly, a Venom film had been in the works ever since Sony tried and failed to make a Cinematic Universe around everyone’s favorite web slinger. It was going to be made after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and was meant to be part of a series of spin-offs made to establish the Sinister Six. This was shelved as soon as Sony made their deal with Marvel, but it seems the film is back in production and Alex Kurtzman, writer of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, will be taking the helm.

There’s a lot of speculation in regards to the tone of this film. Due to the darker nature of the character, some suspect the film will reflect that in tone and go for an R Rating, much like recent box office hits Logan and Deadpool. However at this point, only time will tell.

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