MS. MARVEL Gets Amazing Fan Film

Over the past decade, the superhero genre has gone from strength to strength with more and more characters being adapted to the big screen. With Marvel’s dominant success at the box office, DC are now in the business of starting up their own cinematic universe to varying degrees of success.

However, there’s been one topic that has been brewing over the past couple of years which is the lack of diversity in movies. With the vast majority of superhero films centering around a Caucasian protagonist, many critics are wondering when movie studios will start to branch out and concentrate on characters who’lll reflect our multicultural society.

Well now, Landis Aponte and Anita Kalathara have created a fan film which features Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, who as you all know is Marvel’s first Muslim character to headline her own comic book series. After discovering she has inhuman genes, Khan is able to fight crime using her shapeshifting abilities whilst dealing with everyday teenage issues. With her faith being tested on many occasions, Kamala’s story is one that many other young Muslims can relate to.

With the fan film below showcasing her skills at fighting crime, it also portrays the characters more vulnerable side at being bullied and struggling with her own self worth.

Now although it’s not the best fan film ever made, it’s interesting to see how the character at her core is still relatable despite her religious background and her ethnic origin. The fan film shows how we’re all universally the same and although we may have different beliefs, we all still have our own weaknesses and our own strengths. One can only hope that Hollywood will showcase such a unique message in the future and provide movie going audiences with more diversity for all to enjoy.

What did you think of the fan film? Are you a fan of the Ms. Marvel character? Sound off down below!

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