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THE PUNISHER: New Set Photos Reveal Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

So you think the most exciting thing to hit the internet today is the ‘Justice League’ trailer? Think again. If you’re a Marvel fan we’ve got some far more intriguing news for you, because ‘The Punisher’ just revealed a new cast member. And they’ve gone pretty retro with who they’ve chosen…

For those of you disappointed with ‘Iron Fist’, take heart in the knowledge that not only is ‘The Defenders’ also out later this year, but ‘The Punisher’ will be making his solo debut on Netflix as well. And some set photos taken courtesy of Getty Images have shown film legend Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio has been filmed out and about on the Punisher set in New York.

Mastrantonio was the leading lady in a string of blockbusters back in the 80’s and 90’s, including ‘Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves’, ‘The Abyss’ and ‘Scarface’. It’s not been revealed yet who she will be playing, but the co-star she’s with in be pictures does give us a clue.

Check them out below:

Paul Schulze, has already been announced as playing Rawlins, a shady government spook. In the Punisher MAX series, Rawlins acts as the bagman for a cabal of corrupt military officers, brokering deals with the likes of the Mafia and also the Russian Government.

This would seem to indicate that Mastrantonio will also be playing an agency antagonist, no doubt further up the chain of command than Clancy Brown’s ‘Blacksmith’ character was. This will put her firmly on Frank Castle’s radar, as he seeks retribution on the people who killed his family, and tried to cover it up.

As ever, as more pictures and announcements about the series land, we’ll bring them straight to you.

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