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First Look At TOMB RAIDER Reboot

Lara Croft has had multiple reboots within the gaming world and now she’s making a return to the silver screen. With Angelina Jolie having portrayed the character on a couple of occasions back in the early noughties, critics were not overly impressed with her two outings onto the big screen and the films didn’t exactly set the box office alight.

However Lara is now back and will soon be resurrected to a whole new audience of moviegoers thanks to the latest reboot of the gaming series. Titled simply Tomb Raider, we saw Croft on her first ill fated expedition in which she was stranded on a mystery island after a storm left her shipwrecked and having to fight for survival.

With her facing countless enemies, we got to see Lara in a whole new light due to her vulnerability to the perils that awaited her at every corner. Having been a huge success with critics, we then got a sequel in 2015 titled Rise of the Tomb Raider (what a horrible title) which was once again another success.


With Alicia Vikander in the leading role and Roar Uthaug on directing duties, we’ve now got our first look at Vikander as the iconic gaming hero and as you can see, she looks just like her gaming counterpart.

With the origin story focusing on her attempts to search for her missing father and her journey in becoming the hero we all know and love, this’ll certainly be an interesting attempt at revitalizing the character to the dizzying heights of her original pixelated self back in the 90’s.

Are you a fan of the latest Tomb Raider games? Or would you rather have the old gun toting, wise cracking, Lara Croft back? Are you interested in this movie? Sound off down below!

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