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George Clooney Says He Killed BATMAN

Whilst there have been plenty of characters who have attempted to bump off the Dark Knight over the years, but the latest person claiming to have ‘Killed the Batman’ may actually have been the one to come the closest. In a manner of speaking. Read on to find out more.

Those of you who remember the dark times before Christopher Nolan’s spectacular reboot will no doubt have plenty of memories of the last Batman film to grace the big screen, Batman & Robin. The reception the film received, effectively stopped the character from appearing theatrically for nearly eight years. Whilst there are plenty of people to blame for it’s failures, it’s star George Clooney who seems to be taking responsibility.

In a recent interview at CinemaCon with, Clooney was asked how he felt about Ben Affleck’s take on the iconic character. It was then that the Ocean’s Eleven actor confessed that he had yet to see the film.

He explained:

“I haven’t seen it, you know? Because I feel like Batman died with me. As you can imagine, don’t you guys feel the same way? Let me just point this out, I wore a rubber suit and giant rubber nipples, and I still have a career.”

Whilst it’s good to see that Clooney is willing to admit that he’s responsible for killing off the character, you can’t really claim that the character is dead to the big screen, considering that he has had an acclaimed trilogy and is currently one of the key players in Warner Brothers upcoming shared universe of films.

Here’s hoping that this time next year, we don’t have Ben Affleck saying the same thing in interviews.  You can next see Batman in Justice League when it hits theatres November 17th.

What do you think? Do you agree with Clooney’s words? Are there any redeeming features of Batman & Robin? Let us know below!


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