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WATCHMEN R-Rated Animated Film Is Coming

Whether you are a fan of the live-action films or not, it’s undeniable that the animated films of the DC Comics have made a killing in comparison to Marvel (minus a few rough controversies with The Killing Joke). Their next project, however, is quite the eyebrow raiser, and will feature a familiar tale of one of the most beloved stories of comic book history.

A survey conducted by the Warner Bros. “A-List Community” program, which takes opinions of their subscribers for upcoming media-based projects, unveiled that an adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen was in the works in the form of an “upcoming made-for-video movie”. Though no release date revealed, it seems to be a good portion into development.

The description comes as followed:


Watchmen was originally adapted the first time in the live-action 2009 film by Zack Snyder, which received mixed results but gained a cult following afterwards. Obviously one of the key criticisms was how much had to be taken out, even for a 3 hour director’s cut.

Knowing the route the original animated films take with their comic stories, it seems obvious that the style of animation will reflect heavily on Dave Gibbon’s original art and follow much closer without the changes made by Snyder. Still, when you needed two parts to give a faithful adaptation for The Dark Knight Returns, one can’t help but wonder how many parts or how “faithful” a story of that magnitude can be adapted into one animated film.

Although this technically isn’t the first “animated” interpretation of a self-proclaimed faithful adaptation. In fact, a motion comic was released alongside the promoted Snyder film which featured each page in a more lively animate format. But let’s be serious. The character narration all in one monotone voice and the delivery of moments like this is really not worth talking about.

Watchmen has been growing in relevance quite more following the past couple years. HBO talks of a mini-series, the DC Comics outlining a bigger picture of the Rebirth stories hinting Comedian’s badge, even Ed Boon has asked fans on Twitter some time back on the inclusion of Watchmen characters for the upcoming Injustice 2 game (which who wouldn’t be all in for Jackie reprising Rorschach as a voice?). Either way, the stories of the Watchmen are here to stay, even though the times they are a’changin.

What are your thoughts of an animated Watchmen film? Do you think it’s doable? Do let us know in the comments below!


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