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Kevin Feige Gives Update on FANTASTIC FOUR Movie Rights

After the failure of 2015’s Fantastic Four, many have suspected that Fox and Marvel could make some type of deal for Marvel to gain the rights back to the characters – as Fox as proven four times that they don’t know how to make a proper film for the property.

Well, don’t get your hopes up just yet, in a recent interview, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige had the following to say regarding working with FOX on any future Fantastic Four stuff:

“No, but I would say there’s not like there’s anything frozen that there needs to be a thaw. There’s no weirdness. It is just very very cut and dry, and they’re doing their thing, and they’re doing it quite well in most regards, and we’re doing our thing.”

So it looks like FOX is content with making another awful Fantastic Four film within the next 5 years – because if they don’t, the rights will revert back to Marvel, and that’s something they’ve shown that they can’t have happen.

There obviously won’t be a sequel to the 2015 film, as it’s regarded as one of the worst comic book films to ever be made, and was a total disaster at the Box Office.

Who knows how destroyed the property will be by the time it makes its way back to Marvel Studios. Then again, people had been tired of getting new Spider-Man films and Marvel figured out how to properly use the character, so we’re sure they have a plan for the Fantastic Four as well.

Source: Collider

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