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Michael Myers Won’t Be Immortal In New HALLOWEEN Movie

It was with the announcement earlier this year about the upcoming Halloween reboot that everyone was shocked. David Gordon Lee and Danny McBride’s involvement completely caught franchise fans by surprise, and even after being reassured with John Carpenter’s involvement, everyone was stuck figuring out how the film could possibly work.

McBride recently took to the Empire Film Podcast and elaborated how he and Gordon planned to respect the original films.

“Look at where the Halloween franchise has gone. There’s a lot of room for improvement. David and I are coming from it as, we are horror fans, and we are humongous fans of John Carpenter and of what he did with the original Halloween, so I think from watching this and being disappointed by other versions of this series, I think we’re just trying to strip it down and just take it back to what was so good about the original.”

He went on to explain how the character of Michael Myers could be brought back to his original horror roots and truly terrify audiences once more.

“It was just very simple and just achieved that level of horror that wasn’t corny and it wasn’t turning Michael Myers into some supernatural being that couldn’t be killed. That stuff to me isn’t scary. I want to be scared by something that I really think could happen.”

He finishes by explaining how the plausibility of things is much scarier than exaggerating the supernatural elements.

“I think it’s much more horrifying to be scared by someone standing in the shadows while you’re taking the trash out as opposed to someone who can’t be killed pursuing you.”

It definitely gives us a better idea of what they plan to do with this installment, but I hope they don’t drop the supernatural elements completely. Michael being the epitome of evil and the lack of a person is what made his character so iconic. Without that he may as well be the same obnoxious kid Rob Zombie realized in his own 2007 remake. And the further away we can get from that, the better.

The Halloween reboot is set for an October 19, 2018 release date.

Source: Empire Film Podcast

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