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LOGAN: Hugh Jackman Was Initially Skeptical of One Important Scene

Logan must’ve had a great marketing team, because they handled hiding one of the best reveals of the film, X-24. As a mutant character, X-24 is Logan’s final antagonist and one of the bigger threats in the film. Interestingly enough, Hugh Jackman played both characters, and for what could’ve went horribly wrong seems to have played perfectly in the end.

Of course, it does look like Jackman had his doubts. The actor recently revealed this in an interview with Collider. He explained that his doubts about playing X-24 led to quite a few heated arguments.

“I was very skeptical of having X-24 being played by me. I understood what it represented and thematically the idea of battling himself, which of course is right at the core of this character that we never fully got to, so I kind of loved the externalization of that. But I also know that myself as an actor and fans of Wolverine come up to me in the street every day and go, ‘We wanna see that full berserker animalistic crazy off-the-wall Wolverine,’ right? That we don’t feel we’ve fully seen it, so I was like, ‘Jim if we introduced halfway or near the end of the movie that full berserker animalistic crazy Wolverine and he’s somehow fighting our hero, audiences won’t know what to feel.’ And I remember him saying, ‘Trust me, trust me, trust me.’ And I was a bit of a pain in the ass on that one, I was like, ‘I’m just not sure. Let’s keep exploring it and exploring it.’ When I saw the movie it’s just clear, for some reason I think because he skewers Patrick Stewart in that moment the audience just sort of hates him. We did some subtle things, I changed the bridge of my nose, I wore contacts—I just wanted him to look a little different from myself. And I think by that point we’d created already the Wolverine that people wanted to see. So anyway, that was one of my examples of being wrong (laughs).”

There’s definitely merit to his doubts, because something that huge of a twist could always go sour really quickly. Luckily, it worked out in the end.

Of course, part of that could be due to the secrecy of the reveal. Regarding that, Jackman had this to say –

“Yeah actually now that I think about it, I mean there’s a lot of secrecy around these things and everyone tries to protect it, but it’s kind of actually amazing. I suppose that when we were shooting it, I was shooting both parts so I played both, so if I turn up on set everyone just knows I’m playing that. That’s a good point, I’ve gotta give props to the crew and the cast, no one spilled the beans. I hadn’t thought about it until just now. But it’s fun being in screenings and watching people gasp. They do not see it coming.”

Logan is now available on Digital HD which includes the black-and-white version, Logan Noir.

Source: Collider

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