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Why Caliban & Cable May Be The Key To Marvel Getting Fox Characters Back

Before there was the MCU and the DCEU, the line-up of mutant, social commentary and hit-or-miss films on Charles Xavier and the X-Men was where the “cinematic universe” was at for the comic book fans. Even with some convoluted stories that come, there is a memorable presence and a wide respect for a property independent from Marvel’s recent tie-ins and was the first to establish itself as an entity outside the comics, especially with one Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.


Logan was an exceptional film marking the end of not only a running character of 17 years, but a story that told a true farewell to a large chunk of the X-Men universe. With such a depressed atmosphere, minimal characters and emphasis on the human element, Logan was exactly what fans of Wolverine were waiting for…and an undisputed masterpiece as an individual film.

It doesn’t really take long for discussion on where the X-Men films will go from there. True, it’s a future event of its own, but even taking a new look for our iconic Wolverine is a huge change to how we will view the films forever. As for myself? The film has not had me this emotionally invested since the days of The Dark Knight and Watchmen.

Upon discussing this film in great length with a good colleague of mine, he had me realize some things on how this film can hold the future of the X-Men films… and not just in casting a new Logan.


Through its small but effective ensemble of characters, we had the phenomenal performance of Patrick Stewart’s tearful and lost Charles Xavier, the astounding debut of Dafne Keen and her terrifyingly awesome X-23 (a real resting bitch face included) and of course, Hugh Jackman with the show of a lifetime and final goodbye to his powerfully written character. But I am actually not here to talk of them for my theory, as another unsung protagonist is here to web the theory.


Yes, Caliban (Stephen Merchant) himself made a presence in the film. Originally appearing in X-Men Apocalypse as a short role, and whether this is the same character being played here, has grown significant for the plot. Once caring for Charles alongside Logan, the mutant capable of tracking other mutants was held against his will by Alkali-Transigen’s Dr. Zander Rice to track down X-23. Despite giving the antagonists the advantage they wanted, his final heroics/revenge was to ironically show them “the light” by detonating a grenade to slow down The Reavers. Of course, this is not the final time we see of him in the film. At least, alive.

Before going further, let’s clock back to the previous film. Going back to X-Men: Apocalypse, the post-credit scene showed mysterious figures working for Essex (Mr. Sinister in the comics) going into a lab for a blood sample named under Wolverine’s code name. We never do see Mr. Sinister make use of his genetic obsession with creating the perfect mutant, but we can easily see this as something that associates with the now-forseen future of Logan.

Giving an indirect correlation to the next film, it is no surprise this was the Easter egg that introduced us to where the resources for X-23’s birth in Alakli-Transigen might have come from. Only thing is this one is more significantly shown in focus as an individual scene.


The follow-up to Caliban is his corpse’s fate shows Dr. Rice inspecting it in a body bag, then asks to save it because it’s still fresh. Though not presented as a post-credits scene for teasing, I want you to keep in mind the vitality of this scene was shown and not cut for a good reason. Think of it in film logic, someone leaving a pair of keys somewhere then walking off, then shows an additional close-up of said keys before realizing something of relevance will occur. Perhaps it disappears? Perhaps someone else sees it? Perhaps it will actually be used for something?


Now let’s add the math together with what we know:

– Logan takes place in 2027, years ahead of the other X-Men films.

– Caliban is capable of tracking mutants.

– Alkali-Transigen is responsible in their expertise of birthing test-tube mutant babies, and it’s shown that X-23 is not the only capable example they can make 

– Alkali-Transigen employs The Reavers, mercenaries with cybernetic enhancements.

– Alkali-Transigen holds not only Logan’s DNA, but Christopher Bradley’s to make Bobby (the larger boy for those not remembering) and his electric powers.

– Deadpool 2 is just around the corner.


So a scientific group that is able to splice genetics to make a template of man-made mutants, has the accessibility to make cyborg parts, and holds multiple mutant genes, INCLUDING one that is capable of tracking mutants…in the future of 2027. Now, which character is being hyped up for appearance for a second Deadpool movie. One that is capable of tracking mutants. Has cybernetic enhancements. Is the son of two mutants whose genes Alkali-Transigen may actually have in possession. And capable of time travel.

Figured it out yet?


That’s right. Cable.

While the story of Deadpool 2 is still shrouded, we can imagine Cable’s involvement is going to include time travel, and what better place than the future that is Logan, the world where mutants are gone? What if to say, Cable is coming from the future to obtain something or stop an event? And to saying how time travel could be difficult in this universe, keep in mind the idea was toyed in Days of Future Past, plus the idea of other mutant genes capable of it.

This is the part where this affects the X-Men universe as a whole.


We already saw the change of events coming drastically from Wolverine’s involvement in Days of Future Past. How events have come anew, with Jean Grey alive and the erased timeline of X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Of course, we can imagine some events may have still happened, but perhaps differently.

Keep in mind Logan has mentions of the first X-Men film of his time as a cage-fighter and fighting on top of the Statue of Liberty, yet still seems to be held in the timeline that branches into X-Men: Apocalypse. We’ll never know for sure. These paradoxes and character changes will prove to be much more severe if done.

And let’s face it, unless we want to Dr. Who every character to new faces in the same form of continuity, Fox would need to recast a lot of the actors when age comes into question, much like it did for Hugh Jackman and his peak human shape for the films.

blankCable’s time travel is going to destroy the cinematic timelines.

Who’s to say that Cable’s actions results the worlds to rupture to a point of no recognition? To change continuity, appearances, plotholes with one splash? This could easily explain why Wolverine may look different if they manage to get his character in as Ryan Reynolds wants to.

The best part? Keeping in track with Deadpool and his 4th wall…he could very well be aware of all this. Hell, even PISSED that Wolverine isn’t Hugh Jackman. His idea of the films and how they should go for him could very well go against him. No more cries of McAvocy or Stewart. Things are getting their foot down while Deadpool just witnesses this all.


But it’s not just the films that it may be affecting…what if it doesn’t stop there? How much will it interfere with studios? Well, a lot more of a help if you think about it.

Before getting to the brass tacks, I will say myself I believe Fox is doing a tremendous job with the X-Men franchise. I see the world it has created as its own that doesn’t need to exist in the MCU. It doesn’t need to have allies of Iron Man or be friends with Spidey because the films have demonstrated “family”. The stability they make in a world that rejects them and being brought up to look after each other, even with opposing ideals.

Professor X and Magneto are a prime example of how far even the care for their fellow mutants shows a divide and conflict in the films which makes it all the more unique with where it goes. I, for one, wouldn’t want it to go to the MCU with its tone.


But if Fox was to…this would actually be the most brilliant way to do it. Deadpool is great right now, but as mentioned before, how many times can we reboot the X-Men’s faces? How many more spin-offs with Wolverine specifically once Marvel’s cinematic world becomes the bigger competition getting 4 films a year against 1 of Fox’s?

This reset could be a new world that is a nicely wrapped package with a bow, inconsistency-free, and sent to MCU. Obviously for a high price.

Think about it from a financial perspective. Marvel may as well buy them off much like Sony did with two reboots of Spider-man to make an appearance in their MCU films. And we can talk about how “never” will be tossed around but at the end of the day, money talks. And of course, Fox and Marvel have managed to play a bit nicer since some years back. This all stemming from a character’s corpse from Logan and Deadpool 2 as the diving board for the pool.


But keep Deadpool as he is.

Tune in next time when Ryan Reynolds is tied to a chair in Fox’s boardroom and a bunch of old men are having a party, congratulating themselves on their great ideas.

Logan is currently out on Digital HD and Blu Ray.

A very special thank you to my friend Daven B for helping me with this theory and also helping develop beneficiary details.

What are your thoughts on the theory? Would you support this route? Let us know in the comments below!

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