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Mark Ruffalo Pushing For NBC To Stop Hiring ‘White Conservatives’

Marvel is definitely no stranger to politics, be it in the comics or the actors/actresses portraying the characters in their films – as most of The Avengers (Mark Ruffalo especially) were actually very outspoken against President elect Donald Trump, even as going as far as making a video advising people not to vote for him in last year’s election.

The video, as you can see below, got a predictably mixed reaction.

While some actors believe it’s a good idea not to get involved in politics publicly, others believe it’s good to speak out on certain issues.

Mark Ruffalo, or as some know him as, The Incredible Hulk, recently took to Twitter to endorse a petition asking MSNBC and NBC News to stop hiring ‘white conservatives’:

Here are snippets of the petition:

After President Obama won in 2008, FOX News did not hire dozens of progressive, female, Black and Brown, young TV personalities in order to speak to the Obama coalition.

So why on earth is MSNBC pushing out Black and Brown voices and filling its network with hard-line extreme conservatives?

1. NBC had troubling ties to Trump during the presidential campaign and gave the racist sexual predator a national platform.

2 Now MSNBC, too, is tilting to the right. We need to let NBC executives know that there will be a sharp backlash if MSNBC becomes another platform for right-wing hate.

Tell NBC executives: Stop the white conservative hiring spree at MSNBC.

The man in charge of MSNBC has made it clear that he wants to make the network whiter and more conservative – even though the ratings of progressive shows are skyrocketing. He is, in the words of reporter Ryan Grim, “resisting the resistance.”

No word yet on if Mark Ruffalo turned into The Incredible Hulk to get his point across more firmly.

Be sure to tell us your personal thoughts on Mark Ruffalo’s stance in the comment section below!

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