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Zack Snyder Confirms Insane Theory About Batman v Superman and Man of Steel

Fan theories and speculation tend to have such a wide scope as to what aspects of a film they cover, that they are mostly just forgotten about in time. However, there are many circumstances where a fan’s theory for a film can get affirmed by the filmmaker behind a project. And recently this has occurred with Zack Snyder with a small detail mostly overlooked in Batman V. Superman.

Check out the detail noticed by The Kingslayer and confirmed by Zack Snyder here:

It’s nice to see that so much care and thought was put into making as many of the shots in the film as detailed as possible. Giving more credence to the idea in films that, nothing is accidental, everything is intentional.

It is a far subtler call back to Man of Steel than one would expect, leaving just as quickly as it arrived, in an already fairly stuffed montage sequence. And perhaps if such a moment has its own scene dedicated to itself, it would’ve had a much bigger impact, and a stronger effect on portraying Superman’s character.

In any case, it is a rather strong visual metaphor. And it does show that Zack Snyder is very much a filmmaker who cares about the image he forms on screen, going into far more detail than most would give credit for.

I suppose the final thing to say really is…bring on Justice League! And hopefully it contains as many, if not more, of these moments. And give fans something to really chew on this November.

Source: Reddit via ScreenRant

What do you guys think of this connection? Want more like it in Justice League? Sound off in the comments below!

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