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Spider-Man’s MYSTERIO and KRAVEN Getting Spin-Off Movies

Spider-Man: Homecoming has yet to release, but we’re getting even more news about upcoming Sony projects. Not only has Sony confirmed a spin-off Venom movie starring Tom Hardy (slated for Oct 5, 2018), but we’ve also learned that Carnage will be featured as the main villain. Prior to that news, we also learned that Sony has plans to release a Black Cat & Silver Sable spin off as well. That brings us to the latest spin-offs films that were announced according to a Hollywood Reporter profile of the new Sony executive, Tom Rothman. article.

Both Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter are slated to have their own movies as well.

While it is very rue that both Mysterio and Kraven have been minor villains in the Spider-Man comics, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they shouldn’t warrant their own movies. Personally, I think think that Kraven and Mysterio have the potential to be one of the best comic movie villains if Sony hones in on some key factors of the characters.

So let’s go over a few quick reasons as to why these two Spider-Man villains will make for a solid movie.

Why Mysterio?
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Mysterio is a villain we have yet to see on the big screen at all. What’s great about him is that he’s a special effects expert who uses hypnosis and illusions to give spider man problems. Despite the fact that Mysterio doesn’t really have the deepest of story-lines, a spin-off film could be the most visually stunning movie Sony could do for the Spider-Man franchise. It could be their own version of Marvel’s Doctor Strange. It’s really a match made in heaven when you think about it. A Hollywood movie studio, making a movie with a villain that uses Hollywood special effects. The possibilities could be endless!

Why Kraven The Hunter?
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As for Kraven the Hunter, there are a number of reasons why he would be great to see in film. First off, Kraven can go toe to toe with Spider-Man due to his enhanced speed, strength and cat-like agility. Kraven’s a hunter (hence the moniker) who’s been capturing large game in Africa with his bare hands! (With a little help from a witch doctor’s herbal potion) Kraven’s hunting experience makes him an excellent strategist which could surely give Spider-Man fits.

Another reason Kraven movie can succeed is due to his half brother the Chameleon. The real benefit here is that we simply get two villains for the price of one movie. The Chameleon may not pose the greatest threat to Spider-Man, but he certainly could be a recurring character used by other characters to carry out devious plots.

Lastly, Kraven has probably one of the darkest story arcs for any comic movie character. He had one of the most depressing stories that brought an end to his character in the comics. For you comic fans out there, I’m referring to the comic “Kraven’s Last Hunt” where he not only successfully captures spider man, but he makes a very life altering decision as well. If Sony really wanted to make a deep and dark character driven movie, this would be the story to tell.

What do you think? Does this make you feel a little better about a Mysterio and/or Kraven movie? Are there other Spider-Man villains that you’d much rather see? Let us know in the comments below!

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