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Win A Trip To The Premiere of JUSTICE LEAGUE

Want to go to the premiere of DC’s biggest movie? Well, you’re in luck because DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. will give the fans a chance to attend the premiere of Justice League. A contest has been announced this week for people itching to be the first to see the movie before the general audience.

We all know the film will bring the likes of Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Superman together to battle the forces of Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons in a big way.

At this year’s SDCC, before Warner Bros panel, the contest being titled “League Up” is broken into three rounds. Round one will have the participants bring together a team of five that fit the mold of the Justice League heroes.

No, you don’t have to have the physique or a billionaire bank account to enter. What they are looking for are folks that fit the qualities of each hero.

Wonder Woman: Someone who stands for justice, peace, and equality.

Batman: Determination and intelligence.

Flash: Courage and drive.

Cyborg: Communication and tech innovation.

Aquaman: Responsibility and environmental commitment.

Sounds like a fun and good cause, right?

Creativity is a must and contestants are encouraged to show their passion for these qualifies and ideology with something like a party, community benefit and mini convention in conjunction with  celebrating the Justice League movie.

Round 2 is simple. Submit a video showing that celebration becoming a reality. After that, the fans view and vote on who wins.

You have August 18th to get your team together and come up with the most creative plan. Full terms and instruction are on the DC Comics official website.

And remember, the key thing is creativity and fun.

Will you be joining in the League Up contest? Let us know below!

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