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The Flash Season 4 Cast Includes Neil Sandilands, Danny Trejo, and More

The Flash is speeding toward its newest season in October. What do we know about the latest and greatest from the series’ news? Well, let me tell you.

During the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, it was revealed that three new cast members will be joining the set. Big Bad and Clifford Devoe/The Thinker, which have been much awaited, are being brought on the show. Danny Trejo will make an appearance as well, and whatever he shows up in always turns out to be badass. Take a breather so you don’t fall out from the excitement, then get to the next paragraph to find out who’s playing which roles.

Danny Trejo (Machete, Sons of Anarchy) will be playing the role of Breacher. For those of you who don’t know, he is a bounty hunter from Earth-19, fearless, and the father you don’t want to mess with to inter-dimensional bounty hunter, Gypsy (played by Jessica Camacho).

Of course, with the two of them in the same dimension after she left her Earth and joined Barry’s team, we’ll assume for the moment that they won’t exactly be on happy to see each other. His mission is to keep his planet safe from other inter-dimensional travelers, but his daughter is his main focus. So Trejo is sure to be more of a foe of the team than a friend which will make for some tense scenes.

The Thinker has been alluded to for what seems like forever, and we finally know who he is. Neil Sandilands (The 100, The Americans) will be portraying Clifford Devoe/The Thinker. We don’t have to “think” about who it will be any longer. The Big Bad which will last the whole season is said to be “a metahuman with a mega mind who embarks on a season-long battle with The Flash that pits the ‘fastest man alive’ against the ‘fastest mind alive.'” Since he has “devised an intricate plan to fix all that he deems wrong with humanity,” this is just another hurdle the team has to contend with, and it seems almost impossible.

The Mechanic, who is The Thinker’s right hand, will officially join the show as well, and will be played by Kim Engelbrecht (Dominion, Eye in the Sky). Said to be “a highly intelligent engineer who designs devices for Devoe”, and “the truest of true believers who’ll stop at nothing to help him implement his plan to fix humanity”, she is almost as unnerving as The Thinker.

The fourth season of The Flash premieres on The CW on Tuesday, October 10th, at 8/7c.

Source: ComicBook

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