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Supergirl Cast Called ‘Homophobic’ For Recent Interview

Supergirl actor Jeremy Jordan was conducting an interview at San Diego Comic Con, in which the following happened:

At one point, Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn, sings about how Kara met a “new friend,” Lena Luthor (played by Katie McGrath). He then looks into the camera and yell-sings “They’re only friends! They’re only friends! They’re not gonna get together! They’re only friends.”

Here’s a clip:

In what some would deem as a joke, a vocal group of people on Twitter apparently see it differently:

The actor then issued an apology:

I want you to know how much I love you. Yes, you. Yes, you too. And you. That’s all, kids. ❤️

A post shared by Jeremy Jordan (@jeremymjordan) on

Which sparked more outrage:

So it seems that, if he apologizes, he will be criticized but if he doesn’t apologize, he will be criticized for said remarks.

The actor did, however, issue another apology:

U guys. I love u. I was wrong and I’m sorry. You’re all amazing and valid. ❤️

A post shared by Jeremy Jordan (@jeremymjordan) on

He wasn’t the only member of the cast to anger people:

Not everyone was against them though:

As far as this story goes, I’ll let all of you talk it out in the comment section below!

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