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Halle Berry Just Revealed A Mind-Blowing Secret About Wolverine and Storm

While the X-Men movies featured plenty of romance, none of that romance featured Wolverine and Storm.

At least – none of it actually made an X-Men movie.

In a new interview with EW, Storm actress Halle Berry revealed that Storm and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine actually did have a romantic backstory:

“Storm and Logan used to be lovers,” the Oscar winner said. “It’s true. Storm and Logan had a thing.”

Jean Grey apparently messed things up:

“When he really decided that Jean Grey was his [love] … that caused a problem,” she said. Storm was heartbroken in the aftermath, but Berry maintains “the having two girls at once thing, that didn’t work for … that doesn’t work for Storm.”

The characters share a kiss in 2014’s Days of Future Past, but we didn’t see it:

“The last movie I was in, we had a scene where they had a kiss,” Berry said. “It never made the movie, but … so what I’m telling you is true. This is the backstory that we came up with for Storm — well, Hugh and I did — that they had a thing. I joke in the movies, I’m like, ‘How come nobody’s lovin’ on Storm?’ Like, what’s wrong with Storm? Nobody is checking for Storm. […] So, we decided that Storm and Logan had a thing, and then Jean came and — pfft — messed that up.”

This could definitely change the way that people view the X-Men franchise – though, didn’t pretty much know this anyway?

Whatever happens, we’ll never see Jackman’s Wolverine and Berry’s Storm share the screen again, as Hugh Jackman retired from the role in 2017’s Logan. Don’t expect the character to be re-cast any time soon, though – according to Producer Hutch Parker:

“It’s a great question. Look, I think for all of us, at the moment, and for some of us it goes back to the very first time Hugh put on the costume. The idea of casting someone else as Wolverine is just not something I can think about. [Laughs] And I don’t know. There’s part of me that thinks that he’s done such a brilliant job and is so iconic in the part, that we should leave it alone.”

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