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Stephen King Calls For Trump To Be Removed From Office

The upcoming movie adaptation for Stephen King’s IT is coming next month – and the buzz for that film couldn’t be any greater.

It was revealed that King actually wasn’t involved in the production of that film in any way – but is still excited about it:

“I wasn’t involved at all. I wished them well,” he said, before admitting: “Geez, I don’t even think they sent me any swag from that one! But maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve seen it, it’s fabulous.”

One thing he’s apparently not excited about? The current President of the United States:

This isn’t the first time the author had spoken out on the President, back in June of last year, the actor expressed a lot of worry about the potential idea of a Trump presidency:

“I saw a poll the other day that said, Hillary Clinton is only leading him by three points. If that’s true, you have to go back to that time when he rode that escalator down and announced the presidency, and everyone thought that it was a joke. The press thought it was a joke. Rolling Stone thought he was a joke. Jon Stewart said, “Oh please, let him continue to run; he’s the best joke material that we’ve had.” Well, nobody is laughing anymore.

Of all the candidates who ran this year, the only one who is remotely qualified to do the job is Hillary Clinton. There’s a lot of prejudice against her, just because she’s a woman. Having been raised by a woman and lived in a family where my wife has, like, six sisters, I hate that.”

He also expressed disappointment in the United States in that same interview:

“I am very disappointed in the country. I think that he’s sort of the last stand of a sort of American male who feels like women have gotten out of their place and they’re letting in all these people that have the wrong skin colors. He speaks to those people. Trump is extremely popular because people would like to have a world where you just didn’t question that the white American was at the top of the pecking order.”

It’s not the first time a celebrity has gotten political – as it seems to be a very popular thing these days.

Actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe even got together to film a commercial telling people NOT to vote for Donald Trump.

Whatever your political affiliations are – I think we can all agree that if a video of celebrities telling you to vote for a certain candidate sways your opinion in such a dramatic fashion – shouldn’t you maybe take a moment to re-evaluate your thought process?

I think we can also all agree that the upcoming IT movie adaptation looks pretty good, and most of us will be checking it out when it hits theaters on September 8th.

What do you think of King’s comments? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!

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