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Rumor: Next Fantastic Four Film To Be Based on ‘Kindergarten Heroes’

A new rumor has gripped the internet again, this time that Fox’s seemingly doomed property, The Fantastic Four, is getting a new film.

Based off the Mark Millar comic… Kindergarten Heroes?

In June, rumors began circling of a ‘kid-friendly’ adaptation of the Fantastic Four brand. The franchise, which started in 2005, has had one sequel and one reboot. Evident in the success of these properties – Fox is now planning yet another reboot.

‘Involved sources’ have recently told Bleeding Cool that the Fantastic Four film they are currently working on is an unpublished children’s comic book, written by Mark Millar.

Mark Millar’s ‘Kindergarten Heroes’ is an unpublished comic series, that while being a developed premise, never made it to the shelves. However, in 2013, Millar confirmed that he had successfully pitched and sold the concept to Fox.

Millar is an intensely marketable writer. After the success of Logan, the premise of which was derived from Millar’s Old Man Logan, Millar seems set to make his way into more Hollywood films. At this stage, however, his relationship with the project is unknown. Millar’s pitch was delivered four years ago or more, and many of his ideas have since hit the screens without his input. Civil War, Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service are all his original narratives, and he seems happy enough to hand them over without much interference.

With or without Milar, it’s likely Fox has not given up on the Fantastic Four franchise yet. As for its relationship with Kindergarten Heroes – only time will tell.

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