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First Reviews For ‘IT’ Are Out – Here’s What Critics Are Saying

The wait for the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is almost over. The film will hit theaters tomorrow, and with that – the first round of reviews are here.

Unsurprisingly, the film currently sits at a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, and here are some of the reviews:

Globe and Mail: Andy Muschietti’s It is Stephen King distilled in its purest form – namely, terrifying.

New York Times: The filmmakers honor both the pastoral and the infernal dimensions of Mr. King’s distinctive literary vision.

Herald Sun: The fraught, yet immersive It experience delivers a complete and lasting rush, not unlike an entire season of the Netflix classic Stranger Things administered in a single, powerful two-hour dose.

Independent: We understand these characters, we understand so painfully their fears. That’s the kind of horror that nestles deep inside your brain. It’s the kind that follows you home.

The Playlist: It could have been one of the greatest Stephen King adaptations ever. As it stands, it’s simply a very, very good one.

Bloody-Disgusting: ‘IT’ Achieves Horror Greatness as Pennywise Becomes a Horror Icon for the Ages!

Empire: More successful as a coming-of-age movie than a horror, It still ranks among the better Stephen King adaptations – no small praise indeed.

Not all of the reviews are positive, however:

AP: Instead of building tension and suspense, It just jumps from scene to scares with no connection or coherence to thread them together other than the mere fact that they’ve been placed on top of one-another, like toys mixed up from different sets.

Chicago Tribune: What do we have here, really? We have a story that feels not so much freshly imagined as dutifully recounted.

Forbes: This is less an adaptation of the book and more a Cliff Notes version of the TV mini-series.

We’ll let you decide for yourselves when the film first screens tomorrow.

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