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‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Currently Sits at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

To say that Marvel’s Inhumans was a disappointment – would be an understatement. What went from being a big budget Marvel Cinematic Universe film – has now turned into an ABC Series, that apparently is not very good.

The show currently sits at a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, and here are some of the reviews:

 New York Magazine: Putting Inhumans into Imax is a kind of reverse Terrigenesis, in which a transformation from one thing into another only leads to reduction.

Guardian: It does all seem faintly ridiculous. The interiors of Attilan look bland, bare and brutalistic, while the costuming and production design manage neither grandeur or grit.

Birth.Movies.Death: Nothing works in terms of character or story, and the design elements that aren’t complete disasters are… fine, I guess. Lockjaw is fine.

IGN: Inhumans is bad from top to bottom. Try as it might, the show does not live up to the Marvel brand. It is most definitely not worth seeing in IMAX, and I wouldn’t recommend catching it on TV either.

CNN: Previewing of the first hour found little material of a scope that demands to be seen on an Imax screen. Inhumans” fidelity to the comics … could also make it a tough sell beyond that loyal core.

Las Vegas Weekly: At best, Inhumans resembles a mediocre ’90s syndicated genre series, and blowing it up to IMAX size just puts a bigger spotlight on the flaws.

Den of Geek: Inhumans already feels like a missed opportunity and an odd outcast in the larger Marvel canon.

Digital Spy: For Marvel completists only, Inhumans is – as many had anticipated – the weakest entry in the MCU to date, across screens big and small.

The show premieres on ABC on September 29th.

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