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The Haunting True Story Behind Netflix’s New Horror Film ‘Veronica’

Veronica is a Netflix horror movie that has generated some popularity in the short time since its release. It still has very mixed reviews on fear factor and if it is a fresh or recycled story. To some it is the ‘same old possession movie over again’ and to others the acting was well done, and the movie was ‘refreshing’. Regardless the opinions on the film, one of the things drawing the crowd in is the fact that Veronica is ‘based on true events’. Of course, many movies flash this across the title screen as if to say “I needed help creating this” but sometimes, it does give a more uneasy feeling while watching the film.

Verónica is about a young woman who attempts to contact a spirit through a Ouija ritual but finds her deceased father instead. She then must protect her younger brother and sister from the spirit and the horrors it brings them.

Verónica movie

Like most films, this one is based very loosely on the facts of the story behind it but that doesn’t take away from that creepy feeling you get knowing it is possible it happened. The director of the film, Paco Plaza, acknowledges this but also speaks as to why the story is so unnerving.

“In Spain it’s very popular, this story; as we say in the film, the only time a police officer has said he has witnessed something paranormal. And it’s written in a report with an official police stamp… it’s really impressive when you look at it.”

The true story comes out of Madrid, Spain in 1991. Estafania Gutierrez died in August mysteriously and her parents believed it was the result of their teenage daughter playing with the Ouija board. Before her death, it was reported that while at school she and friends were using a Ouija board when a nun found them and broke the board creating trouble for Estafania. For a long time after her death, her parents continued experiencing paranormal activities from a picture of their deceased daughter catching fire within the frame to scratching and claw marks on their walls. The police apparently experienced some paranormal activity while in the house after the parents placed a call out of fear. According to the stories, they witnessed loud noises that were unexplained, uneasy feelings and an armoire opening itself.

Although the story seems far fetched to the skeptics out there, it is impossible to debunk all stories of paranormal activities that have been documented but of course one that is almost 27 years old cannot be investigated anymore anyway.

I fully hope that this poor child was not the victim of such horrible events and that she passed away peacefully but I can say that she is forever encased in time with her story being told across the world in film and in writing.

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