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Spider-Man Avengers: Infinity War

Joe Russo On THAT Spider-Man Scene In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Obvious spoilers follow! Joe Russo, the director of Avengers: Infinity War, showed up for a surprise Q & A at the University of Iowa to discuss the latest news about the film. He discussed certain details about Doctor Strange and the Time Stone, and also gave the insight behind the emotionally charged Spider-Man death scene.

Some of the people who attended the Q & A went on Reddit to give us the details that Joe Russo gave up including how Tom Holland came about giving us the scene to remember. He simply new what he was doing apparently as the directors told Holland, that Peter did not want to die. The young actor with serious chops, took the reigns and created the masterpiece of dying.

The scene is one to remember and really pulled the heart strings of many fans, as Peter Parker not only grasped Tony Stark as he fell to the ground but repeated how much he did not want to go. Tony Stark in shock, tried to reassure the young hero right before watching him vanish.

Joe Russo came and had a Q&A at our high school! from marvelstudios

For most fans, it is clear as day that most characters will be returning to the MCU someway or another despite Kevin Feige and his warning about permanent deaths, but regardless of that fact, watching Parker die hurt a lot. It will be nice to see how things change in Avengers 4 next year.

Did that scene really get to you? Which death was the worst on you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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