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New Concept Art Reveals Very Different Look For Jared Leto’s Joker

It is no surprise that concept art for many of the villains and heroes out there are much different than the final project. However, with Jared Leto’s, Joker, the concept art that just surfaced and the similarities and differences both stand out, but it seems they made the right choice.

The early concept art is different, that is for sure. They truly went all out with the design and seemed that they combined the classic joker with the pin striped suit, with the crazy Suicide Squad look. We see that they decided against the “HAHAHA tattoo eyebrows”, but also did not draw in the Damaged forehead tattoo that Leto’s Joker currently sports:

SS: Early Joker concept by Rob Coutts. from DC_Cinematic

When reading the Reddit comments towards this concept art, it seems fans would have been even more upset if this became the version we see on television. One reddit user stated:

“Oh man, if there’s anything fans could hate more than “Damaged” it’s “Hahaha” tattoo eyebrows!”

While another said:

“Didn’t think it could get worse.”

It seems that not only are these particular users against the Leto version of the Joker, but they sure didn’t want to see “HAHAHA eyebrows”, which do seem a little extreme. Others question why the drawing looks so much like Ray Liotta and if this drawing is even real.

Of course, a lot of fans where not happy with Leto’s Joker in the first place, Grunge made a list of what was wrong with him, including the “dumb tattoos” and non-timeless look, but who would have thought that the beginning look could have been so much more over dramatic and characteristic than what they landed on.

If this was the concept they went with, do you think it would have worked better? Would you rather none of it appeared the way it did? What would you change? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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