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Deadpool 2 Cable Wolverine

New ‘Deadpool 2’ Theory Says Cable Is Old Wolverine

Deadpool 2 had tons of not so subtle nods to Hugh Jackman’s 17 year tenure as the feral canuck, Wolverine. But what if the biggest nod fell under our nose with a literal physical interpretation of Logan? Okay, let me explain. Teased in the end credits scene of the first film, Cable has been highly anticipated for years to finally hit the big screen. People have been clamoring for the time jumping child of Scott Summers and (a clone of) Jean Grey, but what if that’s not who we actually got?

To understand where this is going, you need to be familiar with the Ultimate universe version of Cable. Or, more specifically, Old Man Logan. Wait a second, before you freak out, hear me out. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Cable comes back to try and stop an apocalyptic (specific word choice there) future from happening. But, as it turns out, he isn’t the child of Cyclops and Phoenix, but rather this version is on older Wolverine, who has had his healing factor removed. Now, let’s break down the character to understand how this version is more closely related to the Josh Brolin version.

First, let’s talk powers. 616 Earth (the standard Marvel Universe) version of Cable is the son of two Omega level mutants, making him one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Telepathy stronger than Professor X, telekinesis more powerful than his mother’s, and, thanks to the infection of the techno-virus (which gives him his metallic arm), super human strength and near invulnerable, 616 Cable is an over powered mutant whose only real weakness comes from using much of his own power to hold the techno-virus at bay.

As for Ultimate Cable, who is actually an older Logan, he has a cybernetic arm and eye implanted after losing them in battle, which does enhance his strength a bit, as well as a metal skeleton to help aid in taking blows. So far, this sounds much more like the movie version than the former.


Let’s talk height and looks. Of course, Josh Brolin looks like 616 Cable, but he also looks a lot like Ultimate Cable, especially with the facial scars. And, 616 Cable is nearly 7ft tall, but Ultimate Cable is much shorter (due to actually being Logan). Although not specified, he is much closer to Brolin’s actual height (Deadpool also makes a crack about the height issue during the film).

Next, let’s talk mission. 616 Cable goes back in time to stop an evil clone of himself (Stryfe). In the Ultimate universe, he goes back to stop the mutant that leads to a horrific future. Sounds familiar? Yep, that’s right, sounds like the movie version, who hops back in time to kill Russell before he ruins the world thru his murderous rampages. Chalk up another one for the Ultimate version.

Mr. Sinister X-Men

Oh, and the mutant in question? Apocalypse, who, in the Ultimate universe, has inhabited the body of Mr. Sinister, aka NATHANIEL ESSEX! As in the same Essex name on the school that housed and tortured Russell.

But, what about Wolvie’s claws, you may be asking… Simple, in the Ultimate universe, he very rarely pops his claws anymore due to the lack of a healing factor and the immense pain it causes.

If this theory is true, this totally opens the doors to recasting Wolverine in the X-Men cinematic universe, as well as the MCU, if the Fox/Disney merger becomes finalized. Also, since the MCU leans heavily on the Ultimate Marvel comics for their inspiration, this helps give them a way to bring mutants into the MCU fold. I, for one, really like this theory, and would not be at all upset if it is true.

What do you guys think of this theory? Do you have any theories of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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