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‘Maniac’ Trailer Drops Online From Director Cary Fukunaga

A peek into the newest joint from Cary Fukunaga, titled Maniac, has finally hit the internet waves and it looks like a serious mind trip. The man behind True Detective—the good season—and Netflix’s Beast of No Nation is coming back to Netflix with a new and creative show that will bend your mind to Fukunaga’s will.

Fukunaga, who took a crack at the remake of It, brings together Jonah Hill and Emma Stone from her La La Land win for something that looks truly special. Damn its been ages since we’ve seen those together.

The ten-episode series, set to be released on September 21st, tells the story of two strangers that are part of a pharmaceutical trial where many questions are asked with few answers given. Check out the trailer for yourself.

The trailer is weird no doubt but mixes well with Fukunaga’s writing, director, and his eye for cinematography.  The minimalist style and setting of the film look to push the character development and story to the forefront of the film. The visuals will most likely be done with the aid of practical effects and camera tricks. Fukunaga isn’t known for using CGI in his films unless deemed necessary.

The limited series looks to be presenting several realities where our two leads find themselves unable to tell what’s real and what is only in their head. Sally Field, who played everyone’s comic book, surgent mother, Aunt May in 2012’s Amazing Spider-Man and 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, makes an appearance as Dr. Greta Mantlray.

Along with Justin Theroux dry humor, the film is sure to have moments of dark comedy and drama that will allow Fukunaga to flex his writing talent.

Here’s the IMDb synopsis: Two strangers are drawn to a mysterious pharmaceutical trial that will, they’re assured, with no complications or side-effects whatsoever, solve all of their problems, permanently. Things do not go as planned.

What do you folks think Maniac will be binge-worthy? Let us know!

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