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‘Rabid Grannies 2’ Trailer Released – And It’s Beyond Ridiculous

Rabid Grannies is a comedy horror written and directed by Emmanuel Kervyn that was shot in Belgium in 1988, and went on to become one of the top three bestselling films from the country. Now, SGL Entertainment have announced that they will be releasing a sequel on Blu-ray, DVD, Cable TV and VOD next year. Rabid Grannies 2: Ravenshore is set 30 years after the events of the first movie. You can watch the trailer below:

The original movie is about two elderly sisters that invite their family over for a get together, of course their niece’s and nephew’s are more interested in their inheritance to come than spending time with the women. They failed to invite their devil-worshipping nephew and so he sends them a gift that turns them into cannibalistic demons and the pair unleash their wrath on their greedy relatives.

In Rabid Grannies II: Ravenshore

“Elizabeth and Victoria Remington are two elderly ladies. Both are living in a castle and are very rich. As every year they give a birthday party for their family members. Each year they are all present. Not because they like the grannies so much or eachother, but simply because they want to make sure they remain candidate for the heritage. One person isn’t invited, cousin Christopher, the black sheep of the family, in jail for conducting a black mass on a London graveyard. However when everyone is at the dinnertable a parcel is delivered for the grannies. It contains two demons that take possession of the grannies so they become monsters hunting down the familymembers. Ravenshore is the long awaited sequel and the story begins 30 years later. Christopher remained the sole heir of the family fortune and name, and Christopher suddenly becomes a very wealthy man. There is only one condition to it all, he has to take care of the grannies graves for the term of his natural life.”

This sequel is written, produced and directed by Johan Vandewoestijne and Starring Ignace Paepe. Release will be in 2019 in Canada and the USA but we don’t have a specific date.

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