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Fans Point Out A Notable Flaw In Spider-Man’s MCU Fighting Style

Ever since Spider-Man returned home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via a deal with Sony Pictures, fans have finally gotten a comic accurate representation of everyone’s favorite wall crawler on the silver screen. An age appropriate Tom Holland has captured the young Avenger to a tee. With the teenage web-head diving headfirst into his new role as a superhero, there were bound to be some holes in is combat game. And, one of those holes would seem to be gaping, as it has been exploited in two of his three film outings by two polar opposite characters: Captain America and Thanos!

As the digital release of Avengers: Infinity War is in full force and the Blu-Ray release this past week, fans have been scouring over the footage with a fine tooth comb. This has led some eagle eyed fans on Reddit to notice an issue with Spidey’s combat style. As seen in the post, Spider-Man seems to have a glaring issue when it comes to webbing someone up.

In Civil War, the arachnid based hero attempts to web up Cap’s shield, only to have The First Avenger pull him in before knocking him down. In Infinity War, Spidey attempts the same maneuver with Thanos’ gauntlet, only to receive the same fate.

Thanos pulls the same move on Spidey as Cap did in CW. Pete just doesn’t learn it seems. from marvelstudios

This rendition of the Friendly, Neighborhood Spider-Man is the best we’ve seen on the big screen and is growing as a hero before our eyes. Hopefully, he can fix this issue in his fighting style and improve as he continues his heroic ways. For now, he won’t be fighting anyone, as he’s currently been reduced to a pile of dust.

What do you think of this glaring hole in Spidey’s fighting? Do you think it will be fixed? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments down below!

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