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The Human Centipede Movie

New ‘The Human Centipede’ Blu-Ray Connects The Films And Has Different Ending

Fans of the controversial The Human Centipede franchise will be pleased to hear about the new and limited edition blu-ray set being sold on director Tom Six’s Six Entertainment Company Website. The discs feature the uncut versions of the films with lots of extras that come to over 7 hours of material altogether. The set will connect all of the movies and has a new ending, which was confirmed by Tom Six on Twitter.

The first disc features The Human Centipede parts 1, 2 and 3 all connected. The second disc features all the extra material which includes the making of part 1, the making of part 2, the making of part 3, The Human Centipede 2 in full colour, Tom Six home video: Decaying in Style, deleted scenes and paintfarts clip. You can purchase the set on the Six Entertainment Company website for the price of €52.99.

If you want some disturbing new Tom Six material but don’t want to splurge on this set, you are in luck. The director’s upcoming project titled The Onania Club is set for release this autumn although there isn’t a specific date yet and it certainly won’t be getting a wide release. In July the first teaser for the movie was released and it features a group of elite woman masturbating to footage of 9/11. The new movie will focus more on psychological horror which is a new direction from the body horror of The Human Centipede franchise.

About The Onania Club, Tom Six had this to say…

“My latest movie, The Onania Club, deals with human vileness on many levels, its main theme is ‘schadenfreude’, an emotion that philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer called: ‘the most evil sin of human feeling’ and ‘diabolic’. Where The Human Centipede trilogy is mostly body horror; The Onania Club deals with this pure psychological horror.”

Look out for The Onania Club this autumn.

Will you be buying the limited edition director’s cut? Let us know in the comments!

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