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Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Comics


New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Lineup Coming In 2019

It looks like Marvel Comics will be introducing a whole new Guardians of the Galaxy team, and it could very well be a crazy one. While the future of the MCU Guardians is uncertain, the comics look to shake the very foundation of the team to its core with possibly the most insane lineup in their tenure, one that could even include Galactus!

Marvel announced that the team would be returning to its only solo run after the title was cancelled back in January of 2018. Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw have been tagged to helm the book, coming of the success of their run at Thanos’ solo comic, which gave us some of the best Thanos stories ever. The team has already introduced a crazy GotG incarnation with the Guardians of the future.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Comics Reboot

However, with the release of the teaser image, Cates promises that the new story will be even wilder. And while this new run will have direct ties to their Thanos Wins run, don’t think that Thanos Legacy #1 gives away any details to tell you what’s about to happen.

‘Geoff and I have some INSANE plans for our first Guardians arc. This arc is called ‘Endgame,’ and as seen in Thanos Legacy, it begins with the reading of Thanos’s last will and testament. An artifact that Thanos’s brother Eros dug out of his late brother’s heart, which very well may spell doom for the entire universe. What horrid secrets are contained inside the will of the titan?!! Find out this January!! And oh yeah… our new lineup. Well, that’s a surprise as well. Use the hashtag #WhoAreTheGuardians online and maybe we’ll give out some teases as we get closer! See you all in space!’

If you are familiar with Marvel’s current Infinity War story, you know that some fan favorite members probably won’t make the cut. Considering Gamora killed both Thanos AND Star-Lord in pursuit of the Infinity Stones, we doubt to see any of those three making the jump to team membership.

Now, before people start jumping to conclusions that this is Marvel Comics’ response to the current state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy turmoil, pump the brakes, guys. The plans for this comic have been in the works for several months, if not a year or more. They don’t just throw comics up a month prior to release. These things take a long time, with months and months of planning and coordination.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Marvel

They most likely had this new solo run planned before they even canceled the original run back in January. So, don’t make any wild proclamations that relate to the movie that is now in a limbo status.

However, keep an eye out for more news on what is surely to be the craziest incarnation of Guardians that we have ever seen!

Who did you think will be in the new team? Let us know in the comments below!

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