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Venom Movie Lady Gaga A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga Fans Spreading Fake Reviews About Venom Movie To Help ‘A Star Is Born’

The Venom movie is finally in theaters this week, and it’s already off to a very interesting start. Early reactions for the film have been mixed, and now it’s been discovered that fans of Lady Gaga have been posting fake reviews in an effort to get people to see A Star Is Born this weekend instead.

It’s interesting to point out that earlier in the week, there was news of bots attacking Star Wars: The Last Jedi upon its release. It’s pretty weird and bizarre and hopefully it’s not something that continues to happen.

Venom hits theaters everywhere this Friday.

What do you think of bots hijacking the Venom reviews? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments – unless you’re a bot.

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