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Mark Ruffalo Reveals His First Post-‘Avengers 4’ Job

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe like to think that the actors portraying their favorite characters ARE those characters, committed to only the MCU for all of eternity. We romanticize these parts to an emotional connection level. So, when we hear of an actor leaving a part or taking a role in another film, some fans can become overly excited and agitated. But, I’m here to say to everyone, “Calm down”. Actors have to work, and they enjoy to take on different roles. But, that doesn’t mean that they’re done with your favorite role of theirs. It’s just their job, and they’re all really good at it. Case in point, Mark Ruffalo is set for a non Marvel project now that he has finished shooting the still untitled Avengers 4.

Mark Ruffalo is a prolific actor with incredible range. While he is beloved as the Hulk in the big budget MCU, he’s also comfortable with low budget dramatic roles, or funny little comedies. His newest project is another yet to be titled film, but this one is about Robert Bilott, the lawyer who took on the chemical company, Dupont. This project is from Participant Media, which Ruffalo acknowledges in his tweet.

This is Ruffalo’s second time working with Participant Media, his first being the critically acclaimed Spotlight, which won Best Picture and garnered Ruffalo’s third Oscar nomination. Todd Haynes (Carol, I’m Not There) is set to direct.

The untitled film is based on a New York Times article called The Lawyer Who Became Dupont’s Worst Nightmare. The article profiled the lawyer who, after 8 years as a corporate defense attorney, took an environmental suit that exposed a decades long chemical pollution scandal.

Deadline first reported Ruffalo’s involvement in the film, including as a producer. The film is set to begin production in 2019.

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