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Halloween Movie 2018 Michael Myers Mask

Halloween Saw A Rise In Counterfeit Michael Myers Masks Being Sold

With this year’s new Halloween movie released, it should come as no surprise that Michael Myers was a popular costume idea for trick or treating or for your friend’s Halloween party. It should also come as no surprise that some bad people out there would be selling counterfeit or unofficial merchandise, with the consumer thinking they’re getting some legitimate merchandise. This happened to me.

Before my annual Halloween party, I went to Amazon to find a Michael Myers mask. Surprisingly, I found the officially licensed Halloween movie 2018 mask from Trick or Treat Studios!

Halloween Michael Myers Counterfeit Mask Amazon

Or so I thought. Without reading reviews (I mean it has a 4 star rating, right?), I went ahead and purchased this, thinking I’d get the item shown. This was not the case. The mask I got wasn’t the worst, but it definitely wasn’t what I ordered, as you can see below:


With Halloween already approaching, it was too late to re-order another mask and have it get to my house on time. While looking at some reviews after the mask came, I found that that was something I should have done in the first place. Others, however, got it far worse than me:

Halloween Michael Myers Counterfeit Mask Amazon Review

Halloween Michael Myers Counterfeit Mask Amazon Review

Here are some of the written reviews of the product (written verbatim, bad grammar and all):

  • This mask was completely different than the picture. Different hair and face. Ruined my sons Halloween.
  • I was sold a counterfeit Michael Myers Halloween 2018 mask (Trick or Treat Studios) from this seller. Item was package in a cheap manner and the official “Trick or Treat” tag that is normally included with the mask was absent. The mask itself looks and feels cheap and looks nowhere near as the real product. This seller should be taken care of to avoid more honest people getting ripped off by them.
  • Was NOT the official Trick or Treat Studios Michael Myers Mask. I opened the box, looked inside, saw a poor quality mask and resealed for return. Waste of time. Amazon should ensure that what they’re sponsoring to sell matches the description.
  • Received the mask in the mail today, only to be extremely disappointed with the quality of the mask. It looks, feels and even smells fake. The mask itself is so fake and poorly made its laughable. Over $100 down the drain. If 0 stars was an option I would have selected it. It is not the official “Trick or Treat Studios” mask, its some B-Grade knock off mask made by some “Trippy Lights” company and it even has the knock offs companies label on the back of the neck. Ive been a diehard Michael Myers fan my entire life and this is by far the worst rendition of his iconic mask I have ever made the mistake of buying. False advertisement at its finest. If your going to try swindle money out of some people, atleast have the decency to ship out the right product. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
  • They sent a completely different mask than the one advertised. It didn’t have detail like advertised and the “hair” was coming off from where it was glued. It looked like something you would get at the Halloween store for $30. Definitely not worth the outrageous price. I was SO disappointed.
  • Mask doesn’t look like the picture in your advertisement or the movie. I was very disappointed.
  • Fake mask. Not cool considering how much he charged me for it. Waste of my time and Amazon’s time and money.
  • This is a scam I’d advise you not to order anything from this person i never got my Michael Myers mask at all
  • I wish I could have given zero stars!!!!!.. this mask I definitely not the one pictured. It’s totally a knock off this person should not be allowed to sel on amozon!!!.. I’m actually heading to the ups store tomorrow to get a refund from amozon. Buyer beware you will be disappointed!!!!!
  • This is a scam I’d advise you not to order anything from this person i never got my Michael Myers mask at all

The seller of the counterfeit merchandise, replied to angry reviews by saying:

“Hello, I’m really glad to receive your feedback, although it is a dissatisfied suggestion, but it is also a feedback to my work. I will work harder. First of all, according to your suggestion, there is a problem with the quality of my products, and I will purchase good quality later. This is the direction I will work harder in the future. Since I am a newly graduated college student, this is my third month of account operation, I hope you will still give me a chance to correct it again, and I hope that I will serve every customer better next time.”

Well, we’re happy to know that they will be working hard to send out more fake merchandise. We reached out to Trick or Treat Studios, who said the following:

“I am sorry that you did not receive the mask you had ordered. Unfortunately, this year we have been experiencing a lot of fraudulent sellers on eBay, Amazon, Ali Express and other websites that are taking the pictures from our website and selling horrible products under our name.

We did not sell any of the Halloween 2018 Michael Myers masks on Amazon or eBay. And though we do have wholesale customers that continue to do so against our policy those are extremely limited.

I have also noticed from the customers that have brought other fraudulent pages to our attention, that they are stating that they are factory direct from China. All of the Halloween franchise masks that we produce are all made in Mexico.

You should report this to Amazon if you have not done so already and inquire about getting a refund. I have heard that Amazon is pretty good about reimbursements under this circumstance.”

So in conclusion, be careful about buying things off of Amazon, especially something like this. Unless of course, you like the Michael Myers masks pictured above. If that’s the case, have at it. Otherwise, do some preparing before next year’s Halloween. I know I will.

But at least I got this selfie with the mask and wig of WWE’s Mankind combined.

Halloween Michael Myers Mask Mankind Wig

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