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Exclusive: Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman Speaks On James Gunn’s Disney Firing

2018’s LA Comic-Con has passed, and guests were there to celebrate another year with panels featuring folks from some of their fans’ favorite shows, movies, video games, and comics. While attending the convention, Screen Geek had the fortunate act of bumping into masterful cult director Lloyd Kaufman. The head of Troma Entertainment and films like The Toxic Avenger, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., Tromeo and Juliet—which James Gunn wrote—was there to sign autographs, take photographs, and say whatever he wants to about anything he likes.

Do you have any opinions on James Gunn being fired from Marvel for the old tweets he posted several years ago?

Lloyd Kaufman: Well, I was the first one to make a video trying to support James Gunn. I was the first so-called—I mean I’m not a celebrity, I’m in the underground—but I was the first one. So obviously I feel very strong about it. James is the nicest, kindest and most talented person that you’ll probably mee t. So, they picked the wrong guy to abuse. He’s like Shakespeare’s wife; beyond reproach. But meanwhile, it’s a yin and yang situation because he’s got another shitty franchise that he can resurrect and make into a billion-dollar industry. Suicide Squad was unwatchable the first time around. James will take that and—it’ll be like Rumpelstiltskin; he’ll be spinning straw into gold. He’s a great guy. I’m a big fan of James Gunn and his great talent, and as you know he wrote Tromeo and Juliet, one of the greatest Troma films.

Kaufman is never afraid to say what’s on his mind and that’s one of the reasons he’s had a strong cult following stretching back decades. He’s like your dirty uncle with an artistic eye for fine garbage and great f-cked up storytelling. The director’s latest film, Shakespeare’s Shitstorm, is in post-production and should be hitting your screens sometimes soon.

Do you agree with Lloyd Kaufman’s take on James Gunn’s firing? Let us know in the comments down below!

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