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Robin Hood 2018 Taron Egerton

‘Robin Hood’ Is Already One Of 2018’s Biggest Bombs

Robin Hood hit theaters this past weekend, but many people didn’t even bother seeing it – despite the fact that it was a holiday weekend. Brutal reviews for the Taron Egerton movie didn’t help matters either. Still, the box office numbers are alarming, as the film reportedly had a $100 million dollar budget.

According to Box Office Mojo, the movie made only $14.2 million domestically, and $8.7 million in foreign markets. That’s pretty bad, as the film might not even end with a $30 million domestic total, giving it a loss of about $70 million or more – before marketing money is even factored in.

As Box Office Mojo reports:

It isn’t until seventh position that we find Lionsgate’s release of Summit’s Robin Hood, a film that carries reported budget around $100 million, which means its meager, $14.2 million five-day opening makes it one of the biggest busts of 2018. Critics panned the film, which scored a 33 on Metacritic and a 11% on RottenTomatoes, and while the “B” CinemaScore isn’t disastrous, the opening result shows there just wasn’t much of an audience for this one in the first place.

It’s true, the film just didn’t have an audience. Some of those brutal reviews we mentioned earlier:

Chicago Sun TimesIt’s legitimately funny. Not sure that was the intention.

Time OutSeveral dueling shades of dull, this umpteenth retooling of the outlaw legend is desperate to convince viewers that Christopher Nolan had something to do with it (he didn’t).

Rolling StoneArriving just in time to win a place among the year’s worst films, Robin Hood robs you of two hours. Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx go down the gullet of this toxic Thanksgiving turkey that definitely does not deserve a pardon.

Cleveland Plain DealerStrewn with bad and borrowed dialogue and phrases, trite and overused plot points and costumes that cover the gamut from the 1500s Elizabethan codpiece culture to current-day John Varvatos ensembles. Even the wardrobe is incomprehensible. That’s rare.

Robin Hood is currently playing in theaters – but probably for not much longer.

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