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The Haunting of Sharon Tate Hilary Duff

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‘The Haunting of Sharon Tate’ Trailer Reimagines The Manson Murders With Hilary Duff

It’s going to be a strange anniversary of the terrible Manson Family murders this year. It appears Hilary Duff will be starring in a strange reimagining of the tragic event, where she will play iconic real-life actress Sharon Tate in The Haunting of Sharon Tate.

The film is expected to be released later this year in theaters and potentially with VOD, although no specific release date has yet been given for the film.

In the movie’s plot…

The Haunting of Sharon Tate re-imagines the last days of Sharon Tate’s life (Hilary Duff) before being tragically cut down at the age of 26 by Charles Manson’s family of followers.

It’s also interesting timing in that Quentin Tarantino is prepping to release his own film involving Sharon Tate and the Manson Family murders titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In his film, actress Sharon Tate will be played by Margot Robbie.

Sharon Tate’s real-life sister Debra Tate, has been more than vocal about either movie. She thinks they’re both tasteless attempts to cash-in on her late sister.

“It doesn’t matter who it is acting in it, it’s just tasteless. It’s classless how everyone is rushing to release something for the 50th anniversary of this horrific event,” Tate stated.

According to Bill Bromiley who produced the film with his company Saban Films,

“The Tate Murders remain a horrifying cultural fascination, even nearly 50 years after they occurred. Hilary is mesmerizing as Sharon Tate; this is a brutal and unsettling story.”

It’s truly bizarre that people would twist the story around so easily to make their movies, but such is Hollywood in this day and age. At least it might keep the life of Sharon Tate remembered and respected by today’s generation.

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