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Doom Movie Reboot

‘Doom’ Movie Reboot Has Been Delayed – But For A Good Reason

Universal has been working on a new adaptation of the incredibly popular Doom video game franchise. The property was previously adapted in 2005, but did negatively with fans. While a decent cast led the movie, it was bogged down by a weak script and an attempt to distance itself from the games’ references to Hell and demons.

Now Universal’s upcoming adaptation seems to be rectifying those issues, and to keep up with the high expectations they’ve delayed the film to put more focus on its special effects. More specifically, according to Dread Central, the CGI involved with its Hell sequence.

Dread Central has heard that Universal 1440, the home entertainment department of Universal Pictures, has delayed the release of their new Doom adaptation to an unspecified Fall 2019 window. However, this news is for good reasons as we’re being told that the studio has seen the film and has very positive feelings about it. So much so, in fact, that they’ve given the filmmakers more time to work on the VFX, including updating a sequence set in Hell. The goal is to “use a broader VFX brush to really make Hell awesome” and for Universal to make it “more fantastic”.

While the, “…action and story of the Hell sequence is NOT changing,” they are, “…enhancing the location and doing some pick-up photography that supports the original vision of the scene.”

Unfortunately most fans will be disappointed to hear the movie probably won’t be getting a theatrical release. According to the report, it’s being released by Universal’s 1440 Entertainment which is known for producing straight-to-video fare.

On the bright side, the movie is reportedly using mostly practical effects for its creatures. That definitely sounds fun – plus they seem to be very passionate about making sure the Hell sequence looks perfect. As they described it, they will “use a broader VFX brush to really make Hell awesome.” They also indicated the story of the scene won’t be changed, only that they’re “…enhancing the location and doing some pick-up photography that supports the original vision of the scene.”

The Doom adaptation is expected for a Fall 2019 release date.

How do you feel about a straight-to-video Doom adaptation? Are you still excited to see how the movie turns out? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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