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Disney Fox Deal

Disney Fox Merger Has Officially Been Completed – According To 21st Century FOX

After months of bidding wars, legal drama and fan anticipation, the Disney acquisition of 21st Century Fox is now official.

Although the deal was expected to close in 2018 and many fans have practically considered it a done deal for almost a year, Fox confirmed in a tweet Tuesday that it has completed the distribution of all issued and outstanding shares with Disney.

That’s technical lingo for, “a huge merger just happened that many will be analyzing for the next century.”

Many Marvel fans see this merge as the deal that may finally allow the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters to be in the same movie as the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, otherwise known as MCU proper to Kevin Feige.

The larger implications of this deal are not entirely known although Fox News and sports channels will not be included in the acquisition. Fox’s share in Hulu will go to The Walt Disney Company as well as its entire entertainment catalog that includes films such as Avatar and the Alien franchise.

After outbidding Comcast, Disney’s bid of $71.3 billion led shareholders to approve the acquisition in July 2018. The earliest talks between Bob Iger (Disney) and Rupert Murdoch (Fox) is rumored to have taken place in early 2017.

Disney 21st Century FOX Deal

If this is true, that means it is possible Marvel and Disney have known about the possibility of a merger since before Infinity War’s post-production. Considering Avengers: Endgame only recently finished post, it is possible that the earliest signs of Fox’s impact on the MCU could come next month.

However, more likely is the fact that Kevin Feige confirmed no new movie announcements would come until after spider-Man: Far From Home in July. This is prime-time for some mutant-related announcements at San Diego Comic Con in July or Disney’s D23 in August.

With speculation running wild, one thing is for certain, that this merger will likely shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the our universe drastically for years to come.

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