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Ben Affleck Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

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Ben Affleck Open To Appearing In ‘Jay And Silent Bob Reboot’

Ben Affleck has had an eventful 2019 so far. He recently announced that he would be departing as Batman from the DC Universe, concluding a two-film run that was more missed potential than anything spectacular. Affleck also recently starred in the Netflix film Triple Frontier, a solid, albeit forgettable heist film that featured a thankful return to form for the 46-year old actor.

While the star actor doesn’t have many projects in his future pipeline, there is one possibility that could be exciting for both fans and the star alike. According to Collider, Affleck recently opened up about the possibility of returning to Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob films with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

“”Your guess is a good as mine. I haven’t been asked to make an appearance, but you never know, there’s still time. We’ll see. I think if it was up to me, I would rather do Holden than Shannon, but I would defer to Kevin.”

Smith has been actively sharing behind-the-scenes updates so far from filming, but it doesn’t appear that the filmmaker has any plans to include Affleck or his famous friend Matt Damon in this respective reboot. Affleck’s answer is very non-committal in the way that Hollywood press answers have to be, with his “we’ll see” really meaning no way.

The simplest reason why this wouldn’t happen? Money. Smith’s productions are noticeably low budget, so it would take a lot of convincing of Smith to get his former friend to be involved in the project.

Then again, Smith tweeted this:

I hope it works out, but I would bet against it happening.

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