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Chris Evans Blasts Group Planning “Straight Pride” Parade In Boston

When Chris Evans was first cast as Captain America, everyone thought Marvel had lost their minds. Heck, even Evans was unsure of taking the part! But, Marvel proved that they truly are geniuses, as Evans turned out to be the only person who could play Steve Rogers. Chris has also proven that he is Captain America personified with his continuous activism in real life. And, as we enter Pride Month, he has done it once again.

A group of homophobic men in Evans’ hometown of Boston have decided to try and have a “Straight Pride” celebration. Evans proves he’s a superhero in real life once again by slamming them with the perfect tweet.

And Evans didn’t stop there. He backed up his message with proof as to way a Pride Month is needed for the LGBTQ community, and why “Straight Pride” is nothing but very thinly veiled homophobia.

The response from people in regards to Chris Evans’ take has been overwhelming positive. While we live in a divided reality right now, you can see the progress of humanity as we look to stomp out bigotry, racism, and hate. These mission parallels the last two Avengers movies almost to a tee. Just when it seems like evil wins, the heroes never give up, and ultimately do whatever it takes to save us all.

And those heroes aren’t just the celebrities and people of power, but it is all of us. We can all be the hero here, and stamp out hate with overwhelmingly kindness, understanding, and positivity. And, calling out idiotic hatred helps, too.

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